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Part Ref: SEL58-7P3256-200
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IP67 Panel RJ45 unmated waterproof 200mm int lead

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IP67 RJ45 Panel jack with integral lead. The lead is 200mm in length ending with a shielded RJ45 plug. Other lengths are available. CAT5e shielded panel assembly.

The RJ45 panel connector is unmated waterproof - fully potted, so it is waterproof even with the IP67 RJ45 cap left off.

Mating accessories are available. This coupler has a front screw thread. It is one of the smallest panel RJ45 connectors on the market. The panel cut out dimension is 20.8mm, 19.4mm to a flat edge which allows uniform orientation and helps resist rotation during use.
Mating cable housing is SEL58-7A3258 and cap is SEL16-7C3074

25 In stock.

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